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DocksLocks® Heavy Duty Cinch Style 8mm Security Chain - (3ft, 6ft or 10ft) - Weatherproof and Cut Proof with Short Shackle U-Lock

DocksLocks® Heavy Duty Cinch Style 8mm Security Chain - (3ft, 6ft or 10ft) - Weatherproof and Cut Proof with Short Shackle U-Lock

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Premium heavy duty cut proof chain is engineered for maximum theft protection to secure your valuable property from would-be thieves

  • SUPERIOR SECURITY AND ANTI-THEFT PROTECTION. Secure a variety of items: motorcycles, gates and fences, bike lock, bicycles, kayaks, scooters, tools, toolboxes, garages, motorcycles, ATVs, generators, golf carts, mopeds, coolers, ladders, sports equipment and more
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS, DESIGN AND BUILD QUALITY. Chain is constructed using AISI 1035 chrome alloy carbon steel, a water-resistant alloy steel with a chemical composition of carbon, manganese and chromium to increase the chain’s strength, hardness and durability. The chain is further hardened through a triple heat process with advanced welding technology to ensure it is uncuttable. A thick exterior weather-resistant nylon sleeve protects your secured property from scratches and damage. Carry bag included for easy storage and transport when not in use.
  • CUT PROOF FOR MAXIMUM SECURITY. The chain is made from premium AISI 1035 carbon steel, which is composed of carbon, manganese, and chromium to significantly increase the chain’s wear resistance and hardenability. The chain is also triple heat treated to further increase its hardness and maximize its cut-proof security. Chain is hardened through the entire thickness of the chain to its core for ultimate strength and maximum cut resistance. Protection against attacks using hand tools such as bolt cutters, drills, and saws. Reinforced anti-drilling, anti-pull, and strong resistance to cutting, shearing and lever attacks to ensure your property is secure and safe.
  • WEATHERPROOF AND SUPERIOR DURABILITY. The chain is designed for all weather performance, ideal for indoor and outdoor use. Constructed from AISI 1035 steel, a water resisting chrome alloy carbon steel. The chain is also galvanized and treated with a powerful corrosion resistant sealant to provide a significant level of salt spray protection. Each chain is certified through a minimum 96-hour strenuous salt spray test. Finally, the chain is wrapped in a tough and durable weather resistant nylon sleeve that provides a third layer of protection against the elements.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION CINCH STYLE NOOSE SECURITY SYSTEM DESIGN. The special O-ring allows this chain to secure items using a cinch style, which effectively doubles the working length of the chain and maximizes its application. The cinch style also reduces the required chain length, thereby reducing the storage and transport weight of the necessary size chain that meets your security needs. The cinch style is recommended for use with u-locks, disc locks and padlocks, and is the best and most efficient choice for securing property.
  • CUT PROOF SHORT SHACKLE U-LOCK INCLUDED. This heavy duty combination lock offers strong cut, pry and lever attack protection, with the convenience of being compact and light weight. 12mm chrome plated hardened steel shackle offers maximum theft protection. Chrome plating and zinc alloy body with PVC coating provides maximum weather resistance and protects the lock against the elements.
  • SPECS: Chain thickness: 8mm; Lengths: Available in 3ft, 6ft, and 10ft lengths; Interior diameter of chain link: 15mm; Interior diameter of O-ring: 40mm; Chain metal type: AISI 1035 chrome alloy carbon steel.

Technical Specifications

Chain Length 3ft to 10ft options available
Chain Thickness 8mm
Chain Dimensions Interior diameter of chain link: 15mm; Interior diameter of O-ring: 40mm
U-Lock Type Short Shackle U-Lock, resettable with 10,000 combination options
U-Lock Dimensions Shackle thickness is 12mm; shackle opening is 45mm width and 50mm height
Materials (Chain) AISI 1035 chrome alloy cabon steel, galvanized and treated with a powerful corrosion resistant sealant
Materials (Sleeve) Blue nylon
Materials (U-Lock) Shackle is chrome plated hardened steel. Body of lock is alloy zinc. Lock is coated and encased with PVC material.
Care/Maintenance Rinse with fresh water if exposed to salt water. Periodically apply lubrication (such as WD40) to the combination lock.

  • All Weather Performance

    Our locking devices were developed to withstand the elements and stand the test of time, for indoor and outdoor use.

  • No Hassle Guarantee

    Limited lifetime warranty and 30-day money-back guarantee with free shipping and convenient self service returns.

  • Anti-Theft Designs

    Our unique locking devices were developed by the very people who use our locks to secure their various possessions.